Finding Peace in Weakness

The sunlight either said hello sooner than I expected or I lost track of time since getting up so early which allowed a few things to be accomplished before all the kids got out the door for school. Not that my two olders need me anymore–and I wasn’t sure how long it’d be before IContinue reading “Finding Peace in Weakness”

Fear-fighting from rest, not from having all the answers.

My last post was all true.  An amazing peace has swept my heart away.  I just talked to Matt on the phone about how in awe of God I am that things have totally taken a 180 from these past few months in our lives. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually…even physically I have been motivated to eatContinue reading “Fear-fighting from rest, not from having all the answers.”

Hope, When Your Garden Seems Bare

I apologize that #TeaAndWord is up late, yesterday I was not feeling well and it carried over into today.  But I am alive, have the Word of God next to me on the table and am sipping a cup of coffee.  (shhhh, tea will have to wait) I have been praying and pondering on whatContinue reading “Hope, When Your Garden Seems Bare”

When Life Bottoms Out, Both God and Husband Catch Me

He got the news that would change the course for us.  I thought it was odd his company had him rolling in late at night and told him to sit and wait until morning to do anything. He was almost 3 hours away, I was in our bed alone. Breathing heavy, tossing and turning, tryingContinue reading “When Life Bottoms Out, Both God and Husband Catch Me”

Rock Piles in the Valley

     As I sit here tonight in the dimly lit room, sounds of a zipper scraping against the inside of my dryer as it turns ’round and ’round and a faint sound of kids and a Christmas Mickey Mouse movie playing down the hall play a part in the background melody of my mind.Continue reading “Rock Piles in the Valley”