Rainy Autumn Mondays Unto the Lord

We were thankful for the rain Monday morning. The dry ground was thirsty! I was glad the girls got their pumpkins carved the evening before, just in time. We don’t celebrate Halloween as its roots are not even close to God-honoring, and in my conviction, I cannot celebrate it, but I did wait for theContinue reading “Rainy Autumn Mondays Unto the Lord”

#MondayManifesto :: Thank you for baring your soul, bloggers.

In the weeks to come throughout the rest of this year I will be writing about “writing” on Mondays.   People and Prose is a #MondayManifesto sharing and celebrating writers and writing, bloggers and blogging, and other resourceful places I come across along the way. You can find the previous posts above under #writer. SinceContinue reading “#MondayManifesto :: Thank you for baring your soul, bloggers.”

A Slice of Autumn Pie Latticed With Grace

For Worn Out Moms Who Need A Breath of Fresh Air Small, Doable Steps Toward Lasting Growth Though whilst your doing them they may not “feel” like much… The proverbial door of autumn is cracked wide open and the chilly gust o’ wind whips by my tousled hair.  A kid screams bloody murder from aContinue reading “A Slice of Autumn Pie Latticed With Grace”

Bursting Blooms of Mercy

Ah. I take a deep breath in and feel the mercy a new day brings. As I drive back from dropping my preschooler off, I notice how large and bountiful the bright blooms and buds are on the trees as I drive home. I want to see the good in the land. I want toContinue reading “Bursting Blooms of Mercy”