A Spontaneous Trip to the Lake with Church Family

A few weeks ago, some people from our church packed up and headed an hour away to a water hole where we enjoyed throwing a line out. Strike that–they threw their lines out and I of course grabbed my camera. I found a place where it was less jagged rock and more pebbly-beachy. The needContinue reading “A Spontaneous Trip to the Lake with Church Family”

Faith Art :: Book of Ruth

This would be the 8th week of our #BookofRuth study, friends! (Minus last week’s special post to my husband.)  I am tying in #TeaAndWord Tuesday linkup with Day 4 of the #Write31Days series. You can start from the beginning –here– if you’d like to go back. I felt it appropriate to share my blog doodleContinue reading “Faith Art :: Book of Ruth”

How Your Life Becomes Something You Hand Back To God {#TeaAndWord Linkup}

13 Years Today I am dedicating #TeaAndWord  to my husband, and as a thank you to God. Today marks 13 years of  marriage, some of it hard fought. God knows the past struggles, the victories and the tomorrows.  In Him, we have found our comfort and to Him we utter gratitude, some uttered so utterlyContinue reading “How Your Life Becomes Something You Hand Back To God {#TeaAndWord Linkup}”

A Letter to my Friends

From CookWipeSweep.com to FaithAdventures.me and Why the Change I wanted to take today off from #TeaAndWord to update you on my blog renovations. Do you like??  I have been praying for direction for a really long time and feel I now have the right look and such that fits what I am about. Some ofContinue reading “A Letter to my Friends”