Abandon the cart. #amwriting #fmf

#amwriting #fmf #fmfparty Abandon the cart.


It was time to rise up from the lifeless form I had adhered myself to.  Face looking upward, neck bending slowly, my eyes met with the sun and my soul sang loudly.

The death of hindrances had come.  No more lurking out the back door to see if I was good enough to step into the world of dreams.

No more chasing the influencers but now I was finding who I was meant to be.

Grabbing a hold of the top of my hat, I jumped onto the moving cart called, “Life’s Crazy Journey.” With all I had and with all my might, I moved to the front where the driver sat, slowly turning the old, wooden wheel.

The driver had not yet noticed me, so I took this opportune time to observe his nature. He hummed a funny tune as no one joined along.

He smiled and laughed as he sang his little song.  His beard was scraggly but he seemed to not even care.  Then he looked over at me and said, “I knew you were there.”

His knowing my existence didn’t stop him from being free.  He just kept on keeping on, and that really inspired me.

I smiled and sat down, looking back at my backdoor as it faded further away. So long fear-embedded strife,  I am abandoning your cart for this new one called LIFE.


This was a five-minute free write. This week’s word is ABANDON. Join the crew at Kate’s place.  It’s fun, seriously. Let your guard down and write baby, write. #fmf

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Writers and bloggers can effectively deal with outside distractions, guilt-free.

Writers and bloggers can effectively deal with outside distractions.

The white screen sits before me begging to be painted on.  The letters pop up on it one by one, forming stretched out thoughts concluded with punctuation.

A light shines from the corner of my eye, proceeded by a tiny ding.  Notification. I get up and mute it, and put it under my pillow for good measure.

Putting a healthy boundary on the things that tempt me to get sucked into the endless time vortex, has been quite freeing and fruitful.

When the compassionate soul gets distracted every 5 seconds…

Facebook was one of the first things to get cut back recently, but I unfollowed almost everyone about six months ago, except for a few so it wasn’t like I was missing too much.

Twitter is the one that seems to call my name lately, saying “Find out what’s going on in the world. Now. Click over here, you know you want to.”

Then when I don’t I struggle with doubt that maybe I don’t care? But I think that’s the enemy making me feel bad, because God knows I care. Oh, I do.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and when I see hurts it is hard for my to continue on doing what I was doing. I feel the need to drop it all, and sometimes I do to pray, but then getting back to work is hard.

I tend to take on the weight of the world easily. Whew.  I gotta’ take a deep breath in and let my big God have it. All the problems.

And refocusing is sometimes a challenge when you want to try and fix everything for everyone.  God knows I need help in this area.

That is why I go extreme when dealing with “distractions.” Because I know if I don’t stay honed in, I will never get any of the work in front of me accomplished.


There is a balance. You don’t just shut the world out forever.

There is a place you can get where you learn to work diligently and thoroughly, saying no to the things out there right now, because you’ve already went to God about it before you began.

I think this is key for heavy hearts.

Before we begin working, we should have already spent time with our Maker – because the abundant life flows out of that time with Him.

It really will help your weary soul, I promise.

There’s also a couple of fun challenges I want to present to you to try this week that will help you deal with distractions. Just subscribe below to get started!

Tell me about your methods and convictions. Do you have a way to get a handle on all the techy extras and constant information overload that beckons us to soak every line up?

Next week I will share Dealing with Distractions part 2, when the “distractions” are from humans rather than things.

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*This series is only part of the story of how I am learning to write from rest.  I am delving deeper into the issues in the e-book I am writing.  I hope to share a few testimonials on this series when the book when it releases.

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  • Week 2 Staying in Community

  • Week 3 Being Resourceful

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Purpose revealed in the journey: A writer’s prayer.

A writer's prayer #trust don't copy, be unique meghan weyerbacher blog


The wind is cool and fresh. I am whisked away up on a mountain where we chat about the vision He’s given me and what its #purpose is.

It’s a glimmering light of a conversation, but before we were done I jumped down from where I was and started trying to map out my own course.

The course from the “here” to the “there.” God was still up on the peak, waiting for me to rejoin Him, while I walked this way and that.

My soul and my spirit cry for quiet and closeness with my Father, but all too often my flesh tries to heed the voice of the world. Now, rush, here, there.

Run, shove, don’t wait, go now, hurry on!

I get it and I want to try it on for size. But every time I try to fit the world’s shoe to my foot I slip quick.  My backbone pangs with a sharp pain and I already know what I’m to do.

So I look up and lift up. My hands go up up. And He picks me up up. Into His arms I fly and His mercy never waivers. He is quick to love on me and slow to chide. I think because by the time I get in His arms, I’ve chided my own heart to sore.

Love me, love me God. Even when I am hard to love. Help me, .

No, no. Just want you. It’s solitude and solace, it’s the quiet calling. It’s the unique walk I want.  I don’t want that pie, I don’t want what the world has to offer.

Give me peace and contentment. Give me a love to serve my family. Give me a huner for slow talking and quick listening. Give me a hunger for the deep.

Help me see that slow and hard is good for my character. Good seed in my soil[ed] heart being made new.


This was a five-minute free write. Join the crew at Kate’s place.  It’s fun seriously. Let your guard down and write baby, write. #fmf

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concrete wild onions roots blog background by meghan weyerbacher
Photo by Meghan Weyerbacher

3 Ways a writing schedule has benefited my blog.

3 ways a writing schedule has helped my blog to grow.


A blog is like a canvas and you are the artist.  For me, I see myself as a thinker with questions running on the belt of my mind, and most blog-related questions I have can not be answered unless I “see” it for myself.

I need to see things written down.  In school, though I was very articulate at a young age, I still had to reread 5 things over for it to sink in.  I ponder slow, as opposed to creating fast.

When it came to deciding when to write and what to write about on this blog initially, I really wasn’t sure to be honest.  I just sat down and went.

laptop Bible and book with coffee on table

3 Ways a writing schedule has helped me not to stress over what I am writing about:

  • It has taken a load off the ol’ brain. Ease of outline.
  • It has helped keep me better organized. The calendar is now my bff.
  • It has worked as a springboard for more creativity. It’s like Miracle-Gro® I tell ya!

Now that I have a planner nearby and remember it’s best to jot anything useful I think I will need to remember, down…it has helped reduce a lot of the anxiety I was experiencing from writer’s overwhelm.

It may sound dramatic, but it happened. It happened because I wanted to do a good job on my blog, but previously with the way I was handling things, it was making my brain spin.

Make your blog work for you, not the other way around.  Obviously you have to put hard work into something that you want to see results in it. I am not saying don’t work hard.

But if you are like I was where you were staying up at all hours of the night trying to figure it all out, you may need a schedule maker-over as I did.

I have not been able to buy many books on time management yet, but I learned the most from one book I was given, among a few websites I frequent now days.

To find out about these useful tools, please signup for the Writing from Rest course below and this information will be here on week 5’s lesson.

Overall and at the end of the day, I still have to try my own thing. Are you a hands on learner too?

I know the pro’s got it down, but this mama has so much going on that my canvas is slightly different than that of ________ (fill in with top blogging leader of the year.)

Bottom line is: do what you have to do to make progress at your doable pace. As long as you are moving forward and giving your best, what more can anyone ask for?

  • If you are hired and working for a boss, you may have to revamp the way you spend your time at home.
  • If you are a mom who stays at home while her man is out winning the bread, you may have to get extra creative with the chunks of time you have. Given, you can find the chunks somewhere.

I am pretty addicted to efficiency though I am still not great at it: confession, I have balanced my checkbook in the bathroom before. I will say no more.

So, yeah. Take the area that needs the most work and prioritize that sucker. For me, it was my schedule, namely my writing one.

I just got a message from a blogger friend and when I replied, I confessed I was behind this week – but when I logged into my Mail Chimp account to double check, I saw I had already scheduled everything.

I guess I am still not used to this new way of being organized.  Pretty funny huh?


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  • Week 1 Carving Out Time

  • Week 2 Staying in Community

  • Week 3 Being Resourceful

  • Week 4 Narrowing Focus

  • Week 5 Time & Method

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Chasing perfect. (#whybotherwithchurch guest post)

I nervously sat down in one of the rear rows with my husband and children.  The atmosphere was nice, people were friendly.  The music and harmonious voices flowed up throughout the sanctuary and all I could think about was, “Are my kids behaving?”

stressed out mom

Trying to calm them down to no avail, I took their little hands and whisked them down the hallway while the worship went on without me.

Inside, my chest burned. Jealousy of the kid-less couples swam in my head and I hadn’t a clue how opposite of Christ my attitude had morphed into. It was a slow fade I suppose.

Please join me over at Kelli LaFram’s place today where I share a very personal testimony in her series #whybotherwithchurch.


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For moms at home: Find a creative outlet that energizes you.

map with pictures, adventure, photography, creative outlet for moms

Do you have a pastime that just simply makes you feel exhilarated?

Is there something you do that when you think about it, makes your brain come to life?

Us busy moms have to make time for the thing that feeds our souls.

If we only say yes to everyone else and always say no to ourselves, we will become drained quick and wonder where we went wrong.

Too often in the past, I was quick to bend over backwards for everyone else without thinking about it or praying about it first. This would put me in pickles at times.

Though this is thoughtful and kind, it can overfill one’s schedule causing stress and chaos, sometimes unfulfilled promises.

When my life revolved around being everything to everyone else, I became depleted and depressed.  Cheerfully giving had turned into a lack of spiritual and soul rest.

I had to whittle out all the excess and start from scratch in order to hear God’s voice for my life, better.

I don’t do well with big crowds, high pitch noises, and too much on my plate at once.

This was a description of what I had created for myself, and myself couldn’t take it any longer.

In a process of healing that God brought me through, I began to blog.  In the midst of blogging I began to share pictures that I had taken. Some that I shared were not my own, but the ones I had the most fun with were the ones I crafted myself.

Looking back at my hobbies, I can see one common denominator among all of them.

I took pictures, I drew, I read and I wrote. No matter what it was, I was doing all of these things.

tree drawing
sketch by Meghan Weyerbacher

The common denominator I see is this: creating

I can see this one common thread woven up until the present. It’s a passion that I just can’t stop…this creating.

When I cut back on trying to be everything to everyone, I found time to create whatever it was that came to mind that day.

Creating is essential to me because it allows me to put my hands to the plow when I am not able to even leave the house most days.

Many stay-at-home moms experience some level of depression. I get it.

“I want to be like those entrepreneurs with success stories that all began with waking up early to chase their dreams. It’s just not happening.” – ScaryMommy.com

I seriously get it. Plus we’ve been down to one car for almost six months.  A previous time, when my kids were babies, we were also down to one car.

I feel like I have been living this life of “momschooling from home without dad” for so long, I could do it with a blindfold, but that’s a bit of a stretch.

I do handle stress and emotions better than I did before, and one of the ways is from what I discovered about the power of self care and soul food. I wouldn’t say it’s some newfound knowledge hidden away in a cavern just now being discovered in 2017.

However, when you are a mom of littles trying to do everything it seems, it takes a bit longer in your journey to find your niche. And maybe it’s not just stay at home moms, I get that too.

The point is, we need to be okay with doing fun things within God’s boundaries. For too long I thought it was wrong to enjoy life. That it meant I was seeking pleasure in the world and putting it above God.

What changed for me was the day I realized I could take the very thing I loved and do it for God’s glory. Now it’s like a double mocha latte with whip.

I get to do what I love while bringing honor to my Maker. I get to experience fulfillment because I have intentionally decided to make time for the thing that energizes me.

Ultimately, Jesus is my fulfillment and having a right relationship with Him energizes me. As a believer that is a given that never gets old and keep me in awe.

Taking pictures is one of my favorite creative outlets, and doing it within the means He has given me, is where I experience peace and a level of stokedness I never knew before.

Allowing myself to get away from certain tasks so I can be creative in others, also helps me write from a place of rest.

It’s like my brain has had a break and it works better afterwords.

I don’t know what it is about shutting the thinker off for a while and just creating art, but it truly helps in many areas of my life.

We moms at home with our youngens’…we can find something right here that we can dig our hands into. We can apply ourselves to something that refreshes us.

We can do this. It is not wrong. It just may be the thing God uses to speak to us and to others through us. It may even fill us “soul much” that our family wonders why we are different.

They will see a change in us because the change started on the inside.

It started with saying yes to something good that God said was good first.

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How Mrs. Slow impacted Mrs. Fast. #shortstory #fmf

go slow relax calm down blogger

In honor of doing this week’s #FMF word justice, I waited until a day later to write my piece.  The word is SLOW.  Five minutes of unedited wordage and here I go..


Help me. I am two people.  I am Mrs. Slow and Mrs. Fast.

Mrs. Slow knows where to go when she wants godly rest.

Mrs. Fast thinks she can learn it all in a jiff, so she says, “Not now, rest is for babies,” and ends up in a miff.

Mrs. Slow went to visit Mrs. Fast one day and as they visited, a great epiphany dawned.

Mrs. Slow wasn’t ready to go, but Mrs. Fast had other plans.  So as she was fixin to rush Mrs. Slow off in the nicest way possible, she slipped on the ice and became immobile.

Mrs. Slow then became quick and rushed to her friend’s side fast.  As the weeks went by, Mrs. Fast watched as her friend never left her side.

She learned first hand the gift of slow and care.  When she healed she wasn’t the same and Mrs. Slow became even slower as her health declined.

Who but Mrs. Fast would be so kind but to come and stay by her side?

It’s true this is what happened in the story in my head. Most days I feel like two people, but they help each other so I guess that’s good. Enough said.


Mrs. Slow represents who I am when I am in rest mode, think mode, building mode.

Mrs. Fast represents who I am when mt creative juices are flowing thus finding it hard to make room for pausing.

But pausing is important; each has a purpose… and so you see how each personality helps the other to stay in line.


This was a 5 minute free write, no edits involved, with Kate Motaung & the crew for #FiveMinuteFriday.  Check out her blog to find out more about this writing community! Yesterday’s word prompt was S-L-O-W.

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