Making Our New Space Feel like Home

Last year we put our Kentucky house up for sale { on faith } to follow Christ { where HE said go }. It took a couple months once we accepted an offer. The hiccup on the buyer’s end did not deter us because we knew the Lord had everything under control. What is so interesting about this particular story in our lives is that we did not know the name of the homy buyer the entire time. It’s just not something that ever came up nor did I have time to think on it.

Ever since we moved with our church family out of state to Missouri where by divine direction we ended up, we have been focused on family and the work He has put before us, growing the foundation from the ground { in Christ } up. It should not have shocked me when we sat down to sign papers {albeit at our pastor’s house with everyone gathered which was a miracle in and of itself } discovering the buyer’s name was Faith.

Yes, I said Faith.

So one door closed as others opened but the lesson this time was that the “door” would never have appeared. We had to make it appear. Appear by pivoting away from what we thought life was going to look like for the next decade until our kids were out of the house toward an unknown expanse with the only clear view being God’s hands stretched out.

Now that I filled you in on how we got here, I can talk about how much I enjoy this plush carpet beneath my feet. There’s something about navy on creamy grey but the fact the print matched what we already had going on was what made me smile and know God cares about even the little details.

And then I sat with my cup for a while to admire the investments God allowed us to put into our space. It’s okay to sit and smile, to not always be moving and figuring things out. That’s a whole lesson right there.

Last minute, we decided to whisk eggs for breakfast before heading out to visit another church. It was a busy weekend, one I didn’t see coming, so when Sunday rolled around I was exhausted and looked forward to what I am sharing with you now. Yes, taking photos and storytelling is relaxing to me. If joy had a top, this would be it.

I am loving my white stools for $8.00 on an online auction, and the little yellow canisters I found at a local Goodwill for a dollar each. You can’t see my bathroom backets, but I found those at Goodwill too. Plastic ran its course, and I opted for whicker. The House Rules sign was on clearance at a local Factory Connection. You would think specializing in clothes that they would not carry home decor but in each store, there is a small section in the corner with the cutest little things.

We shifted the dogs’ items over (I don’t know why I hadn’t thought if that before) across from the laundry area. Now, next to the task boards I have placed my post holders, so we use it for the immediate mail and to hold the wipe off markers for the kids. There was a moment I was sad because I thought I had lost some decor. I don’t get attached to materials easy, it’s just that it took me a while to find my style, and the things I did choose held meaning. Glad my husband found the two boxes that laid hidden in the garage after the move!

Just when everything appears normal, remember there is a story in the making. Don’t underestimate the present moment, but embrace its hereness with gratitude and a true hope that God is for you. I said that to say, even in this photo there is a story in the making; one I did not plan on my own. I guess God really does like to be the author and finisher of our faith as the Bible says.

The little basket on the side holds the beginning of items I began to collect so I can watch a few kids at home. Who, me? Yes, I asked the Lord this. I thought I was done with that kind of thing. Guess not!

I’ll keep going, because just when you think there is no more to tell, God gives you more. Undeservingly more. The yellow mug is not just any yellow mug. The Lord had been speaking significantly to me about some things, including speaking up for myself in some areas, but speaking up and standing firm in general.

We were in this store and there to my right this mug faces me with words like, “Be Bold”. My eyes lit up and this was the one time I went with a strong intention to NOT buy anything. But my friend got it for me because she wanted to. What a great $3.00 message and it is now my favorite to drink coffee from.

Once the downstairs was finished, I sat down with the small laptop we invested in so I could go mobile. Mobile as in having the freedom to sit outside should I choose. I don’t take this for granted. Even in how He worked out the details for this to happen, was a miracle.

I never get tired of seeing God in everything. After I posted this my husband actually helped me fix up my desk area better than what it was. I’ll share that next time. It turned out so cute!

– Warmly,

Peace + Coffee { blog }

When a writer crosses the finish line. #WritingFromRest Week 10!


I just sent out 13 congratulations to those who signed up for the Writing from Rest course.  I still can’t believe we did it!

Do you all know how huge this is?

If you know me, you know I stink at finishing things.

I have no problem starting things.  When I was 12 I started cross stitching, most of them I never finished.  When I was 16 I had projects I could have delved into but left them lying in the dust because I believed lies that I didn’t have what it took.

When I was 18 I ran away from my problems: AKA I didn’t finish tying up loose ends. When I was 19 I didn’t finish out my first year working as an assistant manager for a retail clothes store in a mall.

When I began college at the age of 25, I quit over a year into it because the business part of creating bored me. Giggle, chuckle, squawk.

Okay I am done. All that negative remembering tuckered me out.

So here we are. We finished. Together. Can we like, tango or something?

That is, if you were one of my #WFR “students” – if not, you can always sign up and get the full course emailed to you in back-to-back batches.  Then you will find out what the freebie is.

Hint: It is useful, can be posted nearby, and will surely help you keep a solid foundation when it comes to writing & blogging.

Also, if you sign up, week 10 tells how you can be  part of the new blog by sharing a #WFR testimonial.  This provides fresh and honest feedback for others while promoting your own blog!


So what else is going on? Ah yes. It is #TeaAndWord Tuesday!

But before that, here is an update:

  • New blog relaunch before next week (yes I know, 3rd time’s a charm right?)…
  • Next Tuesday: Kelly R. Baker’s bringing the goods with a guest post!
  • I am now accepting testimonials for the #WFR course. This helps us both technically!
  • I will be looking for book reviewers down the road.
  • Need a buddy to split a candy bar with. Just joking. Wanted to see if you were really reading this…

God bless,

Meghan Weyerbacher

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Love and prayers to all of you. I will be going on a sharing frenzy in the next couple days, taking advantage of the blog downtime. Because of this tech stuff, the linkup will only be for 24-48 hours this week!!! You rock. xoxo

Begin Again: When Two Hearts Finally Become One (A guest post)

Starting over, 13 years later.

The water trickled down his face and the suds washed away.  I pulled the plug and wrapped my one year old bundle of joy boy up in a warm snuggly towel and carried him downstairs.

Leaning my back up against the wall, I sat in his room and watched him play choo-choo trains.  We were buds him and I. He was an answer to prayer.  A prayer uttered many times over, even when God wasn’t the first One I was seeking.

Marrying doesn’t necessarily heal lonely heart issues, and in my own marriage we had a lot of growing up to do at the time. But this little child filled my belly with laughter and gave me a deeper purpose in life.

It was our first house we owned. A log cabin in the country.  A dream, but a nightmare.  We assumed since my husband served his country in the US Marines that he would have no problem getting a job when he got back home from his 15 month deployment away from us.

We bought this house, but our own “houses” were in need of much repair.

To read the rest of this story about climbing up out of depression, visit my lovely friend Carolina’s blog at and be sure to check out the rest of her place.

 I met her over a year ago in the writing community and she has been such a blessing to me as I am sure she will be to you. You can also click below:

Carolina Cisneros blog series: Begin Again


The writer that didn’t want to be defined by her Chronic Guilt Syndrome.

stressed blogger overwhelmed writer

Joining #fmf for a 5 minute free write. Word this week is DEFINE.


I haven’t wrote a blog post in a while because so many were already scheduled (that way I could focus on my first e-book that I am writing with you and I, writers, in mind.)

I have itched to publish something but wanted to stay focused ya know?  Thing is, I have missed you so.

Truth is, I really wanted to write what was on my heart but felt I didn’t deserve to because I haven’t been around to read many of y’alls words lately.

Then when I realized I was thinking this way, I had to snap myself out of it.

You see, that was how I used to do myself all the time.  I put myself down and dwelt too much on what others thought of me.

But when I just do what I do, I am free.

When I just do the thing God lays on my heart without feeling a heavy weight that I will never be able to perfectly carry, the words come better.

When I choke myself with guilt, the words leave which completely negates the reason why I was pulling back to write in the first place.

I know I am not the only one who suffers from Writer’s Guilt Syndrome.  I need an RX for this. Give me Jesus and take away the negative, heavy words of the world that tells me if I don’t do it their way I will fail or take too long.

Who cares. I want a right heart and I want to do THE thing God made me to do. I know you do too.

My worst nightmare was to be defined as the stuck up writer who thinks she is so cool and doesn’t give a hoot about them. Because that is not me. But I can’t make you know me. I can’t prove myself. I don’t need to.

Either do you.  Just be you and let’s be free, not binding each other to rules which make me want to run and hide.

Let me write and love you. Let me write and pray for you. You write and do what you need to do and this will cause freedom within our hearts.

No strings. No guilt. Just be.

Break this syndrome off of me. God help me be a friend who loves from the heart not from guilt.  I need a new definition for real.

PS: I really want to rap. I’ve done it before at a church but we all laughed.



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Writers, enjoy where you are at. The gift of now is priceless.

#WritingFromRest contest giveaway

Sometimes the fatigue of a project settles in on us shortly before we cross the finish line.

Other times, we may be afraid to let ourselves feel completely excited that we have accomplished much because we have already skipped ahead, concerned we should figure out the next step.





Friend, oh friend. Be fully present right where you are.  Let yourself settle into this space where God has you.  Planning is good. So is contentment.

You have persevered a project…a course made up of 9 weeks, if you signed up for the extra’s.

This is a great feat to say you stuck with something. You have received God’s grace to go his pace for you.

It is a great feat for me too. Some of you may know my issue with follow through. I am not proud of it yet it in the coming clean and acceptance of where I was really was that I was able to begin growing.

Don’t let the past get you down and don’t let the future that hasn’t happened yet trip you up.

Be in the now and let God shine in those places of your heart that make you feel afraid and boot shaking jittery.

Hand him the reigns and know as you stay faithful, pen in hand, love in heart…

…He will guide you.

If you took the course, thank you. For supporting the message He placed within me.  I ask that you pray as I write the book that will complement this. It’s all in His hands and his timing.

If you swing by next week, I want to give you a little freebie I whipped up. But for now, let’s spread out the love eh?

For weeks now I have been wanting to unveil my chosen items for the giveaway.  So…after this short announcement you will see them. Also, don’t forget to link up below at #TeaAndWord!

Next week I will be offering a FREEBIE in regards to this series and the week after, Kelly R. Baker will be sharing some practical tips for writers, please come back and check out this awesome piece!

Once the new blog launches I hope to be writing more than once a week. For now this is where God has me.  I am praying for you all too!

Drum roll…


The #WritingFromRest Prize Package by Meghan Weyerbacher

The Art of Work, Overwhelmed, Rest Assured books


Do you like the choice?

These books have blessed me so, and ironically I found them after my struggle with learning how to write from rest. But better late than never right?

Share away about the giveaway if you have the energy to do so. The contest begins April 25th because I wanted everyone to have a chance to participate.

With blog updates coming soon, this also will allow me to use a contest app for your ease of use.

Did you notice the little hint on the photos I gave you about the blog change?

It is a “refresh” button I created to go along with my new theme.  I am experimenting with the colors. Do you have an opinion about which layout looks better? The center button or down below with my blog site? Are the colors easy on the eyes or do you have suggestions?

I know what I like but I want to make sure it doesn’t cause retina damage for others, or seem too small or confusing.

I appreciate all you help. You are the best.  I can’t wait to delve into your posts and I hope to see you back here next time for #TeaAndWord!

Tea and Word Tuesday Meghan Weyerbacher blog

In Christ,

Meghan Weyerbacher

When a blogger has more tools than they know what to do with.

More and Less Balance. Text on a sheet of paper.

Request accepted. I was in.  They let me into the group. Now I would have even more advice for the vocation I was in!

But I scrolled through and became overwhelmed with the amount of information before my eyes. Immediately, discouragement tried to set in as I felt ill-equipped to find the “starting line.”

Sometimes we don’t need to add more onto our pile, we just need wisdom for what we already have. – Tweet this

I took a deep breath and told myself to lighten up.

Clicking all the boxes away, I turned my head away from the screen to think.  Walking away was my best line of defense.

When all else fails, doing something else usually helps me to gain clarity.

Just two hours later, I saw a sign-up for writers wanting to know more about x, y, and z.  I though to myself, “Well I’d better, or I might miss out if I don’t take the chance!

This is true, but after a few moments of contemplation about the previous overwhelm that came over me, and the current work load I had, I opted out this time.

More clicking off of boxes.  Oh look, there’s the blinking cursor telling me to write.  I should probably do that instead.

Just when you think you’ve unplugged and gone on a frontier adventure, your phone reminds you this is not so.

Yes, sometimes I put it under my pillow, but sometimes I need it. And when I am on it, there’s lots of options. I am talking to the choir today, I know.

Those options tell us there’s a better way!

This time there was another new app available to help edit photos. But should I?

I already had a nice editor.  I knew how to work it. It was comfy in my hands. Should I try something new or stay where I was?

Each scenario is unique.  Sometimes we should stay, sometimes we should go.

And sometimes we don’t know if we should go until we put our foot forward.and.go. Maybe changes will need to be made later on. That’s okay.  

One thing’s for sure, there are lots options everyday of our lives in the culture we are living in, in the USA.

This is just a small fraction of what can happen in one single day as I sit in front of my computer to work.  If you are a writer, you probably experience this too.

Joining social media groups are not bad, free offers and webinars are actually quite cool, and we all know a well made app can make a rugged task more smooth.

Have you taken inventory of your techy closet lately? – Tweet

If I see so much that I can’t focus on a few main things but instead get overwhelmed by the abundance of non-relevant, random things, I know full well it’s time for a deep cleaning.

It’s okay to cut it back.  It’s okay to not be doing everything that everyone else is doing. Even if it’s a good thing. – Tweet

As I’ve said before, we are all different paces going different places.  We can’t expect for everything that worked for ___ to work for us just like that.

And it’s not bad to try either!  We can step out and try new things that may help us. And if they don’t we can say, “Well, that was nice but no thanks!”

So in everything we do, we can glorify God by having faith, working our best, and putting it all in His hands.  Even techy tools. Yes, even those.  Tweet


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  • Week 2 Staying in Community

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Secondly, you all have been here through a few blog changes in between the weekly teaks I have made.  Well, I believe God has revealed to me the more specific niche I need to be in, because I am passionate about it and find it comes natural.  I have been working on a new site with my official theme and business info for a while now.

I felt like He gave me a green light to go ahead a few weeks into this series. I wanted to prepare as I wrote my first e-book.  I wanted everything to be legit and look professional, so soon when you come here, it will be really different, but I hope it will be a benefit to you.  This is my desire.

If you desire to unfollow me or anything due to the changes, that is totally fine.  I understand!  I hope I can continue blessing you though, as you do me.

When you type up FaithAdventures.Me in the near future, it will redirect you so no worries!  I will appreciate feedback when it goes live, and I will be having a poll for you to participate in if you so feel led.  This will take care of the #TeaAndWord linkup button issue, or you can opt to keep the one you have.  I finally feel like I found my sweet spot. Praise God right?

Thanks again friends. xoxo -Meg

**You all are so encouraging and inspiring to me.  I appreciate you taking the time to link up, and know if you can’t that is totally fine too!  We can’t do it all and do them all well.  I love you all, am praying for you…here you go!

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Tea and Word Tuesday blog linkup

Writers & bloggers: There’s a right & wrong way to push through the work.

She was up against the clock. The deadline loomed over her head and she thought she’d try to sneak in a few hundred more words while the kids were playing.

She quietly made her way to the writing nook and opened her laptop ever so hushed, as if nervous someone somewhere would hear hinges in need of oil.

Headlines and subtitles later, she got interrupted just like that. Her phone was beeping from afar and her kids ran in the room, arguing about whose burp was louder.


In this scenario she had two choices:

  • Try to work through the noise.
  • Get up and walk away from the tempting piece of machinery that was bound to lose.

She opted for the latter this time, but some days she didn’t.

Can I be honest? She is me and sometimes I want my way bad.

But I have learned that if it’s just “one of those days” where the kids are more needy than normal, it is more wise to give it to them than withhold it and fight a battle never meant to be fought.

Sometimes less is more and these are the kinds of “writer” lessons I am going to be delving more into soon.


Because after years of blogging, namely this last one of narrowing down my focus, I have discovered something:

People matter, more than “things.”

Not only does this fit into Week 7 of Writing from Rest, but it is timely as my blog gets merged over to a new one.

I have more news but it’s top secret…

I can’t spoil it.  But I bet if you joined the series you’d find out.  It’s in my newsletter this week, which gets sent out on Tuesdays after lunch!

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Here’s a Recap of the Course so Far:write from rest blogger mom course series

  • Week 1 Carving Out Time

  • Week 2 Staying in Community

  • Week 3 Being Resourceful

  • Week 4 Narrowing Focus

  • Week 5 Time & Method

  • Week 6 Distractions Part 1

  • Week 7 Distractions Part 2

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