Sunday Afternoon Stir Fry and Baking

One recent Sunday afternoon after church service, the kids and I baked cookies so they could cool in time for them to eat after lunch. For my what-I-hoped-to-be-gallbladder-friendly fixins, I used a frozen bag of stir-fry veggies. I threw in some leftover chicken breast and that was it. After the cooking, hubs and I headedContinue reading “Sunday Afternoon Stir Fry and Baking”

Rainy Autumn Mondays Unto the Lord

We were thankful for the rain Monday morning. The dry ground was thirsty! I was glad the girls got their pumpkins carved the evening before, just in time. We don’t celebrate Halloween as its roots are not even close to God-honoring, and in my conviction, I cannot celebrate it, but I did wait for theContinue reading “Rainy Autumn Mondays Unto the Lord”

Finding Peace in Weakness

The sunlight either said hello sooner than I expected or I lost track of time since getting up so early which allowed a few things to be accomplished before all the kids got out the door for school. Not that my two olders need me anymore–and I wasn’t sure how long it’d be before IContinue reading “Finding Peace in Weakness”

Making Our New Space Feel like Home

Last year we put our Kentucky house up for sale { on faith } to follow Christ { where HE said go }. It took a couple months once we accepted an offer. The hiccup on the buyer’s end did not deter us because we knew the Lord had everything under control. What is soContinue reading “Making Our New Space Feel like Home”

On losing our best bud and accepting pain.

I don’t really know where I am going with this. I had to sit down and write though. I went back and forth on whether to post my more professional posts that were designated for Mondays, but I decided it felt too fake for the current state. In the words of Shauna Niequist, “…you don’tContinue reading “On losing our best bud and accepting pain.”

How Your Life Becomes Something You Hand Back To God {#TeaAndWord Linkup}

13 Years Today I am dedicating #TeaAndWord  to my husband, and as a thank you to God. Today marks 13 years of  marriage, some of it hard fought. God knows the past struggles, the victories and the tomorrows.  In Him, we have found our comfort and to Him we utter gratitude, some uttered so utterlyContinue reading “How Your Life Becomes Something You Hand Back To God {#TeaAndWord Linkup}”

Our TreeHouse Vacation at TimberRidgeOutpost

Last week on spring break, our family of 5 was able to enjoy a secluded and relaxing getaway not too far from home.  We stayed in a tree-house and roasted hot dogs and s’mores like it was cool. Because it was. It was such a blessing because we have never really been able to goContinue reading “Our TreeHouse Vacation at TimberRidgeOutpost”