How Opposition Works in Our Favor

There may be what seems like a wall of pressure coming at you right now. Everything seems to be caving in and you’re looking around going, “What did I do?” knowing full well you have been only trying your utmost best to live a life pleasing to God. If this sounds like you know youContinue reading “How Opposition Works in Our Favor”

When in Bloom

Today as I sit on my porch listening to the vehicles go by on the highway and bat away the flies trying to lay claim to my coffee, I can’t get away from Philippians 3. What I am coming to learn at 36 is that life will always have its challenges, and if it doesn’tContinue reading “When in Bloom”

Making Our New Space Feel like Home

Last year we put our Kentucky house up for sale { on faith } to follow Christ { where HE said go }. It took a couple months once we accepted an offer. The hiccup on the buyer’s end did not deter us because we knew the Lord had everything under control. What is soContinue reading “Making Our New Space Feel like Home”

Fear-fighting from rest, not from having all the answers.

My last post was all true.  An amazing peace has swept my heart away.  I just talked to Matt on the phone about how in awe of God I am that things have totally taken a 180 from these past few months in our lives. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually…even physically I have been motivated to eatContinue reading “Fear-fighting from rest, not from having all the answers.”

Fear-Fighting Armor, Forged Fresh out of the Fire at Home.

It was a chilly December day and I had enough faith in my pocket to believe big things for the gals on the other side of the screen, but was running low on my own oil. We had been battling illness in our home for a month.  My energy had been sucked out of my bodyContinue reading “Fear-Fighting Armor, Forged Fresh out of the Fire at Home.”

Fear Fighting: Are you a People Pleaser?

I have been so blessed with the honor of having blogger and author, Kelly Balarie guest post here today. She is remarkably straightforward and authentic. If you have been searching for encouragement today, I pray you will find her words fitting for your soul. –Meghan Weyerbacher   God told me to pray with all my heart. So, I did. I don’tContinue reading “Fear Fighting: Are you a People Pleaser?”

That Moment I Hung Up the Boxing Gloves to Fight a Better Way.

Why Do I Save Prayer for a Last Resort? Let’s rephrase that: What Am I Doing When I Find Myself Saving Prayer for the Last Resort? Honest answer: I have let my mind go too far. I have let my worries run away with it and have not realized the severity of the situation untilContinue reading “That Moment I Hung Up the Boxing Gloves to Fight a Better Way.”