Sunday Afternoon Stir Fry and Baking

One recent Sunday afternoon after church service, the kids and I baked cookies so they could cool in time for them to eat after lunch. For my what-I-hoped-to-be-gallbladder-friendly fixins, I used a frozen bag of stir-fry veggies. I threw in some leftover chicken breast and that was it.

After the cooking, hubs and I headed out onto the deck for a little time together before going into town. I think it was the first time we just sat out there together. Time to slow down apparently!

And I can’t post this without adding our most recent Sunday shot. It took way too many takes than it should have but that is okay.

What’s your favorite Sunday dish and dessert?

Published by Meg Weyerbacher

A servant of Christ, wife, mom and writer living to glorify the One who saved me from deep darkness.

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