Coffee Tasting at Drachenfutter

Recently, my sister and I stopped in at a local coffee shop tucked between local businesses. What a gem with a German name, Drachenfutter, they serve coffees, teas, gourmet deli-style eats and desserts. This is what it’s all about when it comes to cozy spaces. They even have a community printer, c’mon.

Bring the kids along for some boardgame time. Yes, they have a paper menu and kid meals too.

The moment my mouth hit the foam I knew I had found a favorite hangout spot with a rich drink to get me going. The prices are comparable to anywhere else but fresh with a small-town atmosphere you can’t get at a fast food or fast coffee joint.

I gave Drachenfutter a five-star review on Google. If you are in the Fort Leonard Wood area, definitely stop in sometime.

Published by Meg Weyerbacher

A servant of Christ, wife, mom and writer living to glorify the One who saved me from deep darkness.

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