A Spontaneous Trip to the Lake with Church Family

A few weeks ago, some people from our church packed up and headed an hour away to a water hole where we enjoyed throwing a line out. Strike that–they threw their lines out and I of course grabbed my camera.

I found a place where it was less jagged rock and more pebbly-beachy. The need to stick my toes in the water was a must. We had not reserved a boat, so this was closest I was getting at such short notice. Yes, our church is pretty spontaneous. We love it.

All was quiet unless a random speed boat came around the bend, The trickle of the water and the smashing against the stones after boat ripples found us at the edge was priceless.

Even my husband decided to set his pole aside to gaze. That is rare!

I found a few treasures I am going to turn into crafts to hold memories from each trip. Some other women from the church joined me after I called them over to check out the hidden beach spot. It’s the small things!

We were thankful to get out that day, and if I am to be honest, which I will because as writer there is no other way to live–it was actually a difficult morning emotionally because someone I used to be close to contacted me at near arrival. The timing threw me off for a while, but I finally settled in my spirit midway through the trip I could not let negative thoughts fester, or they would ruin my whole day, and it would be no one’s fault but my own. Needless to say, the day wound up being great, but the lesson was for me not to wait so long to lay it at Jesus feet. I know this but knowing and doing are not the same of course! We have to live by the words He said, not just admire them, and this is what I pray to become more and more.

– Meg

Published by Meg Weyerbacher

A servant of Christ, wife, mom and writer living to glorify the One who saved me from deep darkness.

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